First class yotsu-zumo from Tokitenku, exactly who gets better to 3-4

First class yotsu-zumo from Tokitenku, exactly who gets better to 3-4

Mongol Tokitenku variety of stood up from the tachi-ai inside the usual, passive way, but this time the guy deflected Toyohibiki’s fee with a well-placed remaining hari-te, establishing themselves right up for the insurmountable migi-yotsu position. Hibiki squirmed for a time, but he was just delaying the inevitable, because Tenku shortly place situations in motion by screening the waters with a kake-nage throughout the shita-te area, simply to respond to Toyohibiki’s resistance utilizing the greatest uwate-dashi-nage you will ever before discover, turning the overmatched Hibiki thoroughly clean through and onto his arse. Toyohibiki part the record, yet not the viewpoint.

Henkuba must have read Mr. Mihara into the commentary booth praising their dohyo potential and reduction in henka figures, because the guy henka’d Kakizoe and taken him toward soil after some whirling. Hakuba soars to 6-1 with all the suspicious victory, and that I must confess that his sumo got decent this basho, if you are prepared to disregard all shite on tachi-ai. I am not, thus I want Henkuba a pleasurable make-koshi. Kakizoe slumps to 2-5.

Using the longer weapon and all of, Tenho had gotten the proper uwate and systematically forced their foe away, sooner or later splitting their weight. Both Mongols have actually 5 wins.

Mike’s darling Kitataiki stalled the tachi-ai as much as the guy could, next went extremely early, rushing Tamawashi and getting themselves into yotsu. Without any mawashi expertise, it had been merely a matter of times ahead of the Mongol was yorikiri’ed to their 6th reduction. You can easily prevent grinning now, Mike.

Newton when he claims Kaio could have problems acquiring those 8 wins, because Kaio don’t spend that lot of yen to Tochiohzan and Kisenosato for little

Wakanosato got his most readily useful win with the basho, going right on through Homasho like he wasn’t around. Homie comes to 0-15 with the no show.

Sadogatake guy no. 3 Kotoshogiku got never quite capable of getting an excellent grip on Tochiohzan, just who stored your at bay and straight, forcing him to over-commit and slapping him right down to their fourth reduction. Tochiohzan has got the exact same get, and my document is likely to be frustratingly quick. At this rate, by Nagoya we possibly may need to beginning crosscountryskiingtalk to pay when it comes to insufficient thrills in sumo.

About ex-Ama made up for his abysmal 0-2 begin by drawing down 5 straight gains, culminating with today’s demolition of limp Kak. Hmph charged particularly hard making use of his mind (virtually), drove Kakuryu back a step or two, grabbed your off balance with a vicious swipe aside of their head and completed him off with a sideways push, ignoring the meek pulldown efforts. It was kamikaze sumo through the best Ozeki (well, in writing. ), but without any henka to foil it, it paid off bigtime. Kak falls to 2-5 along with his upcoming isn’t really searching also brilliant now. But try not to create that kachi-koshi off just yet.

Asasekiryu made an effort to finagle his means into a comfortable remaining uwate the guy enjoys at the tachi-ai, but Kyokutenho denied that by getting an inside situation on the other side, pushing not-so-sexy to do the shitate

Baruto don’t need a chance now and merely stood up in the tachi-ai, conveniently taken in Miyabiyama’s poor onward movement and forced his butt right back and down. That’s all. Really. 7-0 when it comes down to Estonian giant, while Miyabiyama falls to your ever-present 2-5. This option should create a club or something.

Toyonoshima furthermore subjected Kaio when it comes down to fraud he’s become, lunging directly into a two fold in hold, bellying their bigger foe for the sides and throwing your lower by sukui-nage rather than pushing for all the force-out. The shorty prevents the harm with two victories after a bleak 0-5 beginning, while Kaio plummets to his 3rd loss in as numerous weeks. However, do not truly feel the illustrious Mr. Kotomitsuki, Kotooshu and Harumafuji include waiting coming – the tv series must embark on, you realize. Would not it is ironic if Kaio is henka’d by Hakuba to his 8th control?

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